Discover The Velocity® Difference

Discover The Velocity® DECK SCREW Difference

Velocity® fastest starting/driving & no more dropped screw

wood shop teacher demonstrates Velocity®

Check out this great video from Jonathan Schwartz of Colfax High School in Colfax, CA 

Comparing a Supposedly High Powered Magnetic Bit To Velocity

Watch as a Pascal tries to prove that a magnetic bit will work as well as Stick-Tight®   found only on Velocity™  Screws! Hint: Velocity®   is the last screw on the video! 

Another Matt risinger video featuring exterior velocity®

Matt uses Velocity®   Exterior Wood Screws starting around the 5 minute and 11 second mark. 

(Note: Fast forward to 5:11 to see Velocity®   in action!)

On the job site with velocity®

A full demonstration of Velocity®   in action!

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velocity® "Never lose another screw & so much more!"

Allen Norleen in California, demonstrates the power of Stick-Tight® , found exclusively on Velocity®!

velocity® used to seal up an attic

Jonathan Schwartz of Top Saw uses Velocity®   Screws to seal up his attic. (Velocity®  is featured around the 2:38 mark)