I am not usually a fan of Philips drive screws but I was pleasantly surprised by how well the bit held. Even when I tried to overdrive the screw it didn’t slip. I like the aggressive thread and resulting hold.”

- Noah Teshner, Professional Contractor  Juneau, Alaska  

“I had the chance to try the Lightning screws on my deck at home this weekend. I'm very happy with them.  Let's just say when I want a screw, that's how I want it!! You can quote me on that!”

- Don Nickel, Professional Contractor  Clinton, TN 

“The new driver head looks awesome by the way. I like the contact and the strong grip on the screw. So far, so good!”

- Peter Kleinman, Professional Contractor  Upper Nyack, NY  

“Amazing product! This is exactly how a screw should work. It is fast and reliable. I wish you could convince [retailer name redacted] to carry these! They are stupid if they don’t.”

- Tony Rush, Professional Contractor

Washington, NJ